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A Guide To Traveling To Kuwait For The First Time

While being a small part of the Gulf countries, Kuwait is worth a visit for anyone who wants to get away from the busy routine of the city and enjoy a peaceful time. The unique architecture, culture, beaches, and hospitality of Kuwait have made it a must-visit place for tourists!

If you’re also fascinated by the beauty of this country, here’s a quick guide to traveling to Kuwait for the first time!

Well, traveling to any country would require you to have a visa, however, now exists options like the Kuwait eVisa for GCC residents that has made things easier, and more convenient!

The visa is free for the residents of GCC countries. But the foreign residents also enjoy convenience due to the flexibility of applying for a visa online. So, you’re free from the hassle of spending hours while physically going to the embassy.

Also, the online form is super-easy to fill, and the requirements are straightforward.

It’s also important to know how much budget you need to allocate before visiting another country. Kuwait is an expensive country, and you can expect to pay more for residence. In general, the residence charges can be anywhere between $100 to $450, depending on the hotel.

Also, the restaurants are expensive, but you can get cheaper options for $15 to $20. Kuwait is a well-known country for its restaurants and delicious foods. Whether you want to eat international or Kuwaiti food, you can get everything here.

Kuwait is famous for its rich cultural heritage, beaches, and tourist spots. So, if you want to visit the country, make sure you have a few days to explore most of the country.

Here are the must-visit places in Kuwait.

● The Grand Mosque
The Grand Mosque is the largest mosque in the country. It is embedded with beautiful architecture and intricate details that feel soothing to the eyes.

● Beaches
If you’re a fan of the shores and seaside, the beaches in Kuwait will fascinate you a lot!

If you want to visit the parks and clubs, you’ll have to pay for it. But the public beaches are free.

Among the many beaches in Kuwait, the most famous ones among tourists are:

Messilah beach
Failaka island beach
Al Kout beach
Al Khiran beach
Fintas beach
All these beaches are famous for their calmness, clean and peaceful environment, and the serene beauty you see while sitting under the open sky and listening to the waves. But, whenever you visit these beaches, make sure you don’t litter them.

● Camel racing
Camel racing is another specialty of the country because Kuwait was the first country to introduce camel racing as a sport. You can see this sport by visiting the Kuwait Camel Club, where camel racing takes place with camels speeding up to 60 km per hour.

● Al Hamra
Al Hamra is another must-visit place to get a full view of the beautiful city. Al Hamra is a building with 80 floors, making it the tallest tower in Kuwait. By getting to the top, you’ll get an amazing view of the beautiful landscape.

It’s also important to consider the country’s weather before you visit so that you can keep your clothes and essentials according to it.

Like many Gulf countries, the weather in Kuwait is hot and dry most of the year. The temperatures become much higher as the humid weather remains from April to October. It’s better to avoid visiting Kuwait in hot weather because the high temperatures will keep you bound inside, and you won’t be able to visit the country as planned.

Therefore, the best time to travel to Kuwait is in the spring, when the weather becomes much better and the temperature falls.

The autumn and winter seasons are also a better option because you can enjoy the rain as well. While the daytime temperature may remain a bit warm, the nights in Kuwait are cold in winter.

For people visiting Kuwait for the first time, there’s no end to the number of activities you can do in the country. Here are a few options to consider:

Kuwait City has numerous malls, and if you love shopping, you’ll get an endless variety.
People who want a peaceful environment can opt for the resorts located around the city.
Camping in the deserts is another preferred option for most travelers.
The country also has several museums, palaces, and ancient fortresses that display the rich culture of Kuwait.
Deciding which country to visit can be a difficult idea. So, if you want to visit the Gulf countries, Kuwait can be an amazing option due to the cast options available in this country.

Also, if you belong to the GCC countries, things are much easier for you with the eVisa. Our complete idea has also covered the details of the country, so you can pack your bags and get ready for an exciting trip!

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