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Top 10 Reasons to Visit Kuwait in 2023

The country might not be one of the top traveler destinations in the Middle East, but visiting Kuwait is a fascinating travel experience that you’re sure to cherish!

After all, it is a unique and safe country that has a lot to offer to its visitors. Don’t let its size fool you because visitors traveling to Kuwait for the first time always find many reasons to go back! Apart from its intriguing attractions and natural wonders, Kuwait City also has a balanced charm of authentic Arab feel and modernity that makes it more than just a desert oasis.

The best part? It has one of the most streamlined visa application processes globally, so entry can be quite fast and easy. To start off, you can check here for the requirements needed to apply for a Kuwait visa.

Now if you want more reasons why you should visit Kuwait, here are ten of them that are sure to convince you to put the country high on your travel bucket list!

1. Arabian Desert

Visit Kuwait: Arabian Desert

Photo by: Shutterstock

The Arabian Desert is probably one of the best experiences you will ever have when you visit Kuwait, and it is best enjoyed between October and March.

The desert covers most of the nation’s tiny land, and it is flat and sandy. Some activities to enjoy include dune bashing, quad biking, and sunset watching (because you’re sure to see a breathtaking deep orange glow — and it looks even better when watched from atop the Kazmah Desert Cliffs).

The means of travel through the desert are by camel or by SUV Safari, and if you have the time, a night spent in the desert under a Bedouin tent will be hard to forget!

2. Population Diversity

Kuwaiti Locals

Photo by: Shutterstock

Maybe something you do not know is that Kuwait, just like many other Persian Gulf regions, has a diverse population so you’ll surely see a mix of vibrant cultures!

For instance, approximately 70% of the people in Kuwait City are foreigners, mainly working as expatriates. You’ll hear a lot of diverse languages spoken, and as a result, you can also enjoy a variety of cuisines in the restaurants too.

3. Pristine Beaches

Kuwait Beach

Photo by: Shutterstock

The country has some of the best beaches on the Persian Gulf’s waters, making it one of the best reasons why anyone should visit Kuwait! With its strategic position, the country holds loads of beach clubs and parks with inflatable water parks, sports facilities, barbecue pits, children’s play areas, refreshment outlets, as well as public places with beautiful green grass gardens. 

One of the most popular beaches that you should check out is the white sandy Messilah Beach (with Egaila Beach Park a close second).

TIP: With a 100-mile coast, Kuwait surely has a lot of rich marine life so if you want to experience scuba diving, check by Kobar Island!

4. The Mirror House



The Khalifa & Lidia Qattan Art Museum, which also goes by the name “house of mirrors”, is one of a kind and a significant attraction to anyone traveling to Kuwait.

It is the only mirror house in the world with themed rooms that are entirely covered with mirror mosaic weighing over 70 tonnes! The house transformed by Italian-born artist Lidia Al Qattan, who moved to Kuwait after marrying Khalifa, began the transformation process in 1966 in which most rooms are dedicated to her late husband.

If you want to visit this amazing house, an appointment must be made first and the tour tickets for adults cost 3 KWD (or around $10 or 2KWD for children and students). If you get to secure a spot, you can even spend some time with Lidia, the house owner herself, for tea time.

TIP: If you rather want to learn more about Kuwait’s rich history, drop by the Kuwait National Museum that is comprised of 5 buildings! (Entry is FREE). Another option is the Tareq Rajab Museum where you can see a lot of rare historic artifacts not limited to gold jewelry, ceramics, costumes and many others.

5. Less Touristy

Kuwait Towers

Photo by: Shutterstock

Kuwait isn’t one of the world’s leading tourist destinations and because of that, only a few tourists flock over to the country — which is not a bad thing in itself!

Besides, with lesser crowds, you will get a chance to enjoy an authentic and exciting Arab culture in ways that you could not if you were in a much more crowded place. It will be like a hidden gem that you can thoroughly enjoy. You will also get to see the landmarks without any push and pull from many people, and you’ll even appreciate the local hospitality a lot better.

6. Architectural Diversity

Grand Mosque: Gold Dome

Photo by: Shutterstock

The city enjoys a wide diversity of architectural designs with some buildings dating far back to the 18th century. In fact, Kuwait has a wonderful blend of towering skyscrapers and traditional Arabic notes.

One such masterpiece you’ll see when you visit Kuwait is the Grand Mosque which is pictured above. It is the largest among Kuwait City’s 800 mosques and it also has the highest minaret at 74 meters! Guests will love how luxuriously decorated the 220,000 square feet premises are too due to the number of lavish details: the extravagant gold central dome, palm tree-lined courtyards, and many others.

NOTE: It is best to take a tour through the Grand Mosque, and when you do, please dress appropriately. Rest assured, some head scarfs and abayas are available for guests to borrow.

When it comes to modern buildings, you shouldn’t miss the massive Kuwait Towers. Standing at 614 feet, the main tower houses a number of establishments, the second holds water and the third holds the technology to illuminate them all. Don’t forget to stop by the viewing sphere called the Discovery Ball to get a panoramic view of the city!

7. Failaka Island

Failaka Island

Photo by: Shutterstock

This is an amazing day trip to do when you visit Kuwait as it is just an hour’s ferry ride away from the city!

Failaka Island is an important archeological site in Kuwait that was first settled in by the Mesopotamians back in 2000 BC. Because of this, it is said to be the country’s longest continuously inhabited location — until Iraq’s invasion that forced 2,000 residents to move back to the main island. The remaining crumbling buildings of which some are riddled with bullet holes make this tiny island some sort of open-air monument to the devastation of war.

Due to the rising number of tourists visiting, accommodation options have started to show up in Failaka Island along with some boat tours and cafes (the Kuwait Army also uses it as a base for military exercises from time to time).

8. Souq Al-Mubarakiya

Visit Kuwait: Souq Al-Mubarakiya

Photo by: Shutterstock

Kuwait is a haven for shoppers because they can get almost anything they need at affordable prices, thanks to no value-added tax!

There are a lot of modern and traditional bazaars (souq) but the best one that you need to go to when you visit Kuwait is Souq Al-Mubarakiya which is also called the ‘big market’. This is a 200-year-old bazaar that specializes in jewelry, authentic Arabian antiques, Persian silk carpets, spices, and perfumes among many others — so don’t forget to stock up on some amazing souvenirs here!

You’ll even find two FREE museums here namely Sheikh Mubarak Kiosk (founder of Modern Kuwait) and Dawa Khana (Kuwait’s first pharmacy).

TIP: If you want to visit a modern mall, drop by the largest at Avenues Mall that houses over 1,100 stores!

9. Great Local Kuwaiti Cuisine

Visit Kuwait: Chicken Machboos

Photo by: Shutterstock

If you like good food, you will love almost everything you eat when you visit Kuwait!

Kuwait food is part of the Eastern Arabian cuisine so it shares similarities with its neighboring countries such as Saudi Arabia. Some of the most popular Kuwait dishes are rice, cooked in many ways and then mixed with either chicken or seafood and veggies. An example of this is machboos, a rice dish composed of basmati rice seasoned with spices and meat. But apart from this, Kuwait is also known for its seafood!

Other Kuwait food to try are khubz (traditional flatbread), gabout (flour dumplings in thick meat stew), biryani (seasoned rice with chicken or lamb), and harees (thick soup made of wheat and meat).

Moreover, with the population diversity, you can expect to get various dishes from many parts of the world when dining in the city, including authentic Mexican, Italian, Iranian, Indian Mediterranean, and Thai cuisine!

10. Hospitality

Kuwaiti Local Boys

Photo by: Shutterstock

The hospitality of the Kuwaiti people is another reason to visit Kuwait. After all, the locals here are humble, kind, and welcoming — you shouldn’t be surprised if they happen they happen to invite you to their home!

Locals also do not shy away from gladly showing foreigners around, and they always make sure you leave the Middle East with beautiful memories. They say that people make or break a travel experience, and when you’re in Kuwait, the people will surely help enrich your stay!

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